Speer Junior's Architecture


Albert Speer. A name that bring fear to everyone who hear.
The architect of Hitler's enormous plans for the so called
"new Germany" is until today a black shadow in the german
history. And his son, the Albert Speer "junior", 73, is today
a world important architect and town planner.

As the Spiegel said, he builds new cities from scratch in China. As an advisor to Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, he is planning an entire neighborhood for the Russian capital. He has dreamed up a magnificent waterfront promenade for the Azerbaijani capital Baku, bringing the city's downtown area closer to the water. And in Nigeria he is designing an entire city to house half a million residents. In Russia he plans luxury vacation villages in the country's most beautiful spots, from the Black Sea to Kaliningrad to the Altai Mountains.

Today the younger Speer's employees find themselves often in China. Right now they're working on a 120-square-kilometer (46-square-mile) automotive city that will border Changchun, a Chinese industrial center. To keep pace with the enormous project, Speer has opened an office in Shanghai.

The elder Albert Speer was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. Nowadays, the younger Speer prefers not to discuss his father. "I am 73, and at that age you become tired of always being treated as the son of someone else," he says. His grandfather and his great-grandfather were also architects. His grandfather specialized in private homes, villas for the bourgeoisie of the day.