25 December


Today we celebrate christmas. The Christ's birthday was also a day for very important moments in history. Normaly, not so good things.

1932 - A magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Gansu, China kills ~70,000 people

1941 - World War II: Battle of Hong Kong ends, beginning the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong.

1947 - The Constitution of the Republic of China goes into effect.

1979 - The Soviet Union airlifts forces into Afghanistan to begin its occupation.

1983 - Joan Miró is dead.

1989 - Ceauşescu, Romania, and his wife Elena are condemned to death and executed.

1990 - The first successful communication between a client and server via the Internet is established.

1991 - Gorbachev resigns as president of the Soviet Union.

2006 - James Brown is dead.